July 19, 2021

Iranian Summer Drinks


It's summertime and most days are hot and humid here in New York. One of the best ways to cool off and tolerate the heat is to drink refreshing summer beverages. Typically, these cold drinks are made in large batches and served throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions or season. However, they are best enjoyed in hot weather with friends and family especially after months of quarantine and isolation. Serve these drinks to loved ones outside on a picnic, lounging by the pool, sitting on the terrace, relaxing under a tree in your yard, or while having lunch/dinner at the kitchen table. 

Below are a few of the most popular Iranian drinks and my favorites as well. I have written about these in the past and I'll share the recipe links.

After a year of being on a hiatus, I'm back to start blogging again. I've updated some photos and tweaked some of the recipes.  


Doogh - Yogurt Drink

A mixture of yogurt, water, and salt to taste and lots of ice cubes


Sharbat-e Sekanjabin

A sweet and sour ancient Persian drink made with sugar/honey and vinegar

Sharbat-e Limoo

Sharbat-e Limoo

Sharbat-Limoo - Limeade or Lemonade

All you need is lime/lemon, sugar, and water

Sharbat-e Khakshir

Sharbat-e Khakshir

Rinse khakshir with cool water a few times, add water and ice, stir and drink. Add a little sugar or rosewater if you like. 

Ab Hendooneh

Sharbat-e Hendooneh

Add the cubed watermelon to the blender, blend until it liquifies. Pour into a serving glass, add ice, and a splash of lime.



  1. It was a pleasure to get this new posting - thank you! and welcome back. Do you have ideas or recipes for saffron ice cream or ice cream sandwiches?

  2. yes, I have so many ideas for new blog posts. Thank you! It's good to be back.