March 20, 2018

Haft Seen Table - Nowruz 2018!

Persian New Year Celebration

Persian New Year (Spring equinox) has officially arrived! It doesn't quite feel like it where I live since it is still cold and the flowers have yet to bloom but I remember how the warmth of spring should feel, with the fresh emerald green grass covering the ground and vibrant flowers everywhere. I am grateful that I had experienced Nowruz back home in Iran where I grew up. The excitement and enthusiasm that I felt celebrating Eid-e Nowruz in Iran has stayed with me all these years and inspires me to recreate what I have learned and to share it with my family and all of you! Let's celebrate the renewal and the rejuvenation of nature with our loved ones and set the Haft Seen table with items representing health, prosperity, rebirth, fertility, beauty, light, and love.

Sabzeh symbolizes rebirth and spring
Seeb (apple) symbolizes beauty
Senjed symbolizes love
Somagh (sumac) symbolizes the spice of life
Seer (garlic) symbolizes health and to ward off bad omens
Samanoo (wheat pudding) symbolizes the reward of patience
 Serkeh (vinegar) symbolizes age
Tokhm-e Morgh Rangi (Colorful Eggs) symbolizes fertility
Mahi Ghermez (Goldfish) symbolizes life
Candle symbolizes Light
Spring Flowers
Ayneh (mirror) symbolizes reflection
Divan-e Hafez

Happy Nowruz! Happy Spring!سال نو مبارک 


  1. Salam salé no mobarak sarvenaz

    1. Salam, Sal-e no Shoma ham Mobarak Sarvenaz jan!

  2. Happy Nowruz! Magnificent like always...

    1. شیرین جان Happy Nowruz to you too! Thank you!

  3. New Year greetings to you! Thanks again for all your work and your generous offerings to us, your readers (and students). Best!

    1. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your kind words.