March 19, 2017

Celebration and Traditions of Nowruz - The Seven S's of Sofreh-ye Haft Seen -1396

Nowruz - Persian New Year Celebration

نرم نرمک میرسد اینک بهار
خوش به حال روزگار
ای دریغ از تو اگر چون گل نرقصی با نسیم
ای دریغ از من اگر مستم نسازد آفتاب
ای دریغ از ما اگر کامی نگیریم از بهار

~فریدون مشیری

نوروز Nowruz (New Day), the traditional 13-day Iranian celebration of the first day of spring (spring equinox), dates back to the Achaemenid Empire 6th century B.C. Nowruz is a celebration of nature and its revival and rejuvenation. The preparation for the Nowruz festival starts with خانه تکانی khaneh tekani, a thorough spring cleaning. Then there's چهار شنبه سوری Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Festival of fire) that's celebrated on the eve of the last Tuesday of the year. عید نوروز Eid-e Nowruz is a time for Iranians all across the world, as well as other neighboring countries of Iran that share this holiday, to gather together with their families and celebrate the Persian New Year.

هفت سین Haft seen spread is embedded with symbolism and each item on the سفره sofreh has a symbolic meaning. Overall, they represent life, health, prosperity, love, fertility, and patience. The Seven S's of Sofreh-ye Haft Seen include the following, سبزه Sabzeh (wheat or lentil sprouts), سرکه Serkeh (vinegar), سماق Somagh (sumac), سیر Seer (garlic), سنجد Senjed (fruit of oleaster tree), سکه  Sekeh(coins), سمنو Samanoo (wheat pudding) and سیب Seeb (apples). Fragrant سنبل sonbol (hyacinth), as well as other fresh spring flowers such as لاله laleh (tulips) and نرگس narges (narcissus), adorn the table. Other items on the sofreh (tablecloth) include ayneh (mirror), candles, colored eggs, and goldfish. Nowruz sweets and ajil (nuts and seeds) may also be found on the sofreh. Food is a major part of the Nowruz celebration and a traditional Persian New Year feast includes fresh herbs which represent earth, nature, and healthy eating. A typical Nowruz menu includes Sabzi Polow ba MahiKookoo SabziReshteh PolowAsh ReshtehSabzi KhordanMast o Khiar, and Salad Shirazi.

Nowruz Mobarak! Happy Nowruz!


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