March 19, 2016

Haft Seen Photos Nowruz 2016

Persian New Year Celebration

It's Nowruz and it's nature's time for renewal and rejuvenation. I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year filled with joy and love. To continue my annual tradition of sharing photos of our haft seen table, here are pictures of the sofreh (the spread of seven S's) representing a symbolic meaning such as rebirth, patience, beauty, health, prosperity and love.

Sabzeh o Sonbol: Representing rebirth and spring

Senjed: Representing love

Somagh: Representing the spice of life

Seer: Representing health

Samanoo: Representing Patience 

Seeb: Representing beauty

Serkeh: Representing age 

Mahi Germez: Representing life

Noghl: Sweets

Poems from the Divan of Hafez

Cooper loves flowers

Beautiful haft seen table by my friend Farzaneh joon

My friend Roya joon's Sofreh haft seen 

An old picture of Khanoum joon, my maternal grandmother, at her haft seen spread circa 1960 in Tehran

Eidetoon Mobarak! Happy Nowruz! Happy Spring!


  1. Very nice! Love the photo with your kitty in the background :) thank you for sharing and happy Norouz!

  2. nowrooz mobarak !

  3. سال نو خوش. ممنون واسه تک تک پست هاتون

  4. Hi - and a happy belated Norooz. Could you please do a post for Iranian Pizza? I can almost taste the pizza I had in Iran as a kid pre 79 but can't quite replicate it. The pizzas in Iran were or still taste very different and are mostly with sausage. Maybe it's the dough they use and the base sauce? Many thanks, Nikki

  5. Hello,

    These photos are beautiful. I am making a pamphlet and making a Haft Seen at school to share our culture. I was wondering if I may use your photos in my pamphlet to educate and show what all is in the display. Please let me know! It would be a great help! I more than glad to cite you as a source for the photos, if you have a a certain way you would like me to do that!

    1. Hi, you may use my haft seen photos for your school related project and please give photo credit. Thank you and happy Nowruz!