Haft Seen Photos - Nowruz 2014

Persian New Year Celebration

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous Nowruz - Persian New Year. After a few days of preparation and Nowruz related activities I finally got a chance to gather all of my haft seen photos and share some of them with you. For me, there's such a joy in photographing a haft seen table, especially with loved ones included. For more information about Nowruz and the haft seen you might want to check out this article Persian New Year's Table Celebrates Nature's Rebirth Deliciously on NPR's Blog.









Tokhm-e Morgh Rangi

Mahi Ghermez

Also, here are some haft seen  photos from previous years:

Haft Seen - 2013

Haft Seen - 2012

Haft Seen - 2010 

!نوروزتان خجسته و پیروز باد - Happy Nowruz!


  1. Happy Norooz! Beautiful haft seen!

  2. ooh.. so pretty !! Happy Nowrooz for you and your family , Azita.. wishing the best of year for you also.
    {i've been trying to grow the seed this year, but not luck at all the seed not even come even I soaked into the water for 2 days..... maybe next year I can do it}

  3. Happy Nowruz! Stunning 'Haft-Seen' tables. Colorful and meaningful post!

  4. how you prepare Samanoo ?

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yflgKRWQfes&list=UU4D4WkMi3p-Nt0OkbE-nT7A

    2. Mehriban, here's my recipe link for samanoo: http://turmericsaffron.blogspot.com/2010/03/samanoo.html

  5. Eide shoma mobarak! Omidvaaram keh saali por az shaadi-o salaamati dar pish daashteh baashi. I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful blog and for sharing all of your recipes with us. I love reading out the persian names of all the dishes to my grandmother and seeing her getting excited about foods she's forgotten about over the years :)

  6. Happy persian new year to you,

  7. سلام. بسیار زیباست. آینه و شمعدون سفره ی امسال تون رو از کجا خریدین?سال نوتون مبارک

    1. سلام, مرسی عزیز. آ ینه را از یک فروشگاه زنجیره ای در نیویورک به اسم "هومگوودز" خریدم. شمعدون را هم چند سال پیش از فروشگاه "فورتچون اوفف" خریدم که حالا دیگه اینجا شعبه ای نداره. عید تون مبارک

  8. Nowruz 1393 pirooz Azita jooonnn!!!!!!!!!
    ...it's been a while since i last commented on your blog posts...i pray that this new year will bring forth never-ending joy and good fortune to u and your loved ones... :)
    ...I was invited to a Nowrooz dinner party last week and apart from the compulsory sabzi polo ba mahi, I was also introduced to a delicacy that was previously unknown to me; according to my hostess who also turns out to be a very close friend of mine, it's one of the most lavish dishes in Persian cuisine and with that being said, it's served only on very special occasions such as weddings and the like...she also said that it's traditionally served alongside shevid baghaly polow...consisting of lamb shanks braised to succulent tenderness for upto 4 hrs in a tomato-based gravy, pretty much like the Italian osso bucco, I looked it up online and discovered that it's called mahiche in Persian...
    needless to say, last week's Nowrooz dinner party was like some kind of revelation for me, whereby I quickly determined there and then my new all-time favourite Persian dish, mahiche! I was wondering if you could someday share your own recipe of this delectable Epicurean delight with us on your blog...
    many cheers to u and your family on this new year and Nowroozetan Mobarak once again!!!

    best regards,

  9. Eid-e shoma mobarak, Azita-joon! Your haft seen photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. سلام آزیتا جون, میشه بپرسم ظرفهای هفت سین طلایی تونو از کجا گرفتین؟ با تشکر از سایت مفید و زیباتون
    موفق باشین

    1. ممنونم فاطمه جان, این ظرفهای طلایی هفت سین, قسمتی از یک سرویس بستنی خوری هست که سوغاتی فامیل بوده ازایران

  11. thank you for posting what each haftseen item stands for...people always ask me and I feel like an idiot not knowing...beautiful haftseen