December 21, 2013

Shab-e Yalda 2013 - An Ancient Persian Celebration

On the eve of the longest night (winter solstice), family and friends gather to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness with delicious food, lively music, good conversation, and the traditional poetry reading of Hafez, the great Persian poet.

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چه عجب گر دل من روز ندید     زلف تو صد شب یلدا دارد            ~ فیض  کاشانی 

هنوز با همه دردم امید درمان است   که آخری بود آخر شبان یلدا را    ~ سعدی

Enjoy! Happy Shab-e Yalda!


  1. Shabe Yalda Mobarik! Candle light and silver, lovely fruit and ajil, family, friends and acquaintances, all gathered together to mark this turning point in the gentle rotation of our sweet Planet. Our Home.

  2. wow. learning something new about your culture :) love those gorgeous pomergranates.

  3. Happy Shabe Yalda to you and all your beloveds. Happy blogging universary and may you have many good years of it.I keep coming back to your blog in search for more recipes.The aroma of saffron in my cooking reminds me of you becuase i had picked that from your recipes.So,thank you and god bless your heart.

  4. Salam,

    Shabe yalda 92 mobarak baraye hameye shoma.


  5. G'day! Thank you for allowing me to learn today something new,
    Happy Shabe Yalda and Happy blog anniversary too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  6. Hey Dear Azita! Happy Yalda :)
    Can i use your articles with your links and reference?

    1. Hi Ali, yes, you can use my articles. Please, give me credit and provide a link back to the original post on my blog.