March 22, 2013

Haft Seen Photos - Eid-e Nowruz!

Persian New Year Celebration

Happy Nowruz (Persian New Year) everyone and welcome to 1392 of the Iranian calendar. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I have written about Nowruz in the past and photographed every *seen* (s) on the haft seen table. I truly enjoy setting up the haft seen table as I try to seize the moment contemplating the symbolic meaning behind each item and to take in a positive energy that surrounds this uplifting ambiance. This is the moment to count our blessings and with every blessing comes the responsibility of giving back, even if it's very little.

سنبل - Sonbol (hyacinth) and other spring flowers 

                                       سبزهSabzeh (sprouts): Representing rebirth and fertility

 سنجد - Senjed (Dried Fruit of the Lotus Tree): Representing love

سماق - Somagh (Sumac): Representing the spice of life

سیر - Seer (Garlic): To ward off bad omens

سکه  - Sekkeh (Coins): Representing wealth and prosperity

سمنو - Samanoo (Sweet Pudding made with germinated wheat): Representing the reward of patience 

سرکه - Serkeh (Vinegar): Representing age 

ماهی قرمز - Mahi Ghermez (Goldfish): Representing life

سیب - Seeb (Apple): Representing natural beauty

نارنج / پرتقال (Seville orange) or orange in Water: Representing the earth floating in space 

تخم مرغ رنگی - Tokhme Morgh Rangi (painted eggs): Representing Fertility 

And here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the challenges of food photography starring Cooper, my daughter's cat.

Well, there goes my sabzeh!

Nowruz Mobarak! Happy Spring!


  1. LOVE your haft seen Azita jan! And I never knew about the orange in water, thank you for that - love the symbolism :) Eid e shomah mobarak!

  2. Nowruz Mubarak, Azita Zoon ! too bad I didn't cook Samanoo .. but rice pudding :)

  3. Beautiful! Eid-e shoma mobarak! \(^o^)/

  4. BEAUTIFUL haftseen Azita! Just lovely. Haftseen is a glorious custom and it's thrilling that us Irooni in diaspora seem to have a revived interest in upholding it. Love all the fish-shaped plates and the glimpse of pishi Cooper! LOL! Eidet mobarak va Nooroz'et Pirooz!

  5. Gorgeous table, beautiful presentation.

  6. Eid-e shoma mobarak, Azita! Your haft seen is beautiful. I love the little fish dishes. So clever - and symbolic. I need to get myself some of those for my haft seen next year. Wishing you good luck, health and happiness and many more shared recipes in the coming year.

  7. What is the symbolism of the fish dishes? Beautiful table and so interesting!

    1. Cindi, it's my personal obsession with fish shaped dishes!

  8. fogholade ziba va motafavet :X